Parcel box Ludvig XL


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A parcel post box that meets the world and the big parcels at your home! 63 detail operations were needed by our designers in order to be able to merge Ludvig XL into a parcel box out of the ordinary in the factory. Large as well as small parcels slip easily through a security passage where they rest securely in a locked separated space. We have separated small shipments as daily mail from the actual parcel delivery passage at a comfortable height to make your everyday life a little easier.

The parcel post box Ludvig XL is not a cheap-line article, it is built in heavy hot-dip galvanized steel sheet to withstand tough external conditions, whatever they may be for a very long time to come. Ludvig XL is the future and prepared to be able to develop towards future digital solutions.

20 years in our business have been rushing away where we have been developing and producing smart post boxes for our customers and where Ludvig XL is a bit of a crescendo. Ludvig XL, a name worthy of respect.

Color: Silver Grey
Sign included

When you purchase a post box, a sign that you can customize however you desire is included in the price. Click on "Design and add to cart" after selecting your post box and let your creativity flow!

Customer Reviews

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Martin Heymann
Schön und stabil, die Schlösser sind problematisch

Das Produkt ist grundsätzlich sehr schön uns stabil. Leider sind die Schlösser ziemlich schwergängig und außerdem ist das öffnen und schließen unbequem, da man jeweils das Schloß und den Riegel in unterschiedliche Richtungen drehen muss.
Ein Hinweis auf den Briefschlitz wäre hilfreich, denn die meisten Briefträger werfen die Post in die Paketöffnung, da sie das Produkt nicht verstehen. Ich habe daher den Briefschlitz extra optisch hervorgehoben.